Publishing Library Linked Data via Koha and Aliada open source systems

GARETA, Cristina

SCANBIT Technology and Services for Libraries


ALIADA, Spanish word that means ‘ally’, is intended to be a tool to help cultural heritage institutions to automatically publish their high quality data in the Linked Data Cloud. As a non-expert user oriented web application, ALIADA supports the entire cycle of publication of library metadata in the web of data due to its different modules connected in a REST architecture. The integration with the LMS starts with the selection and validation of the MARCXML or DublinCore file exported by KOHA. The conversion of the metadata to RDF is made according the ALIADA ontology, mainly based on FRBRoo ontology for libraries and museums, but also including other ontologies and vocabularies, such as FoaF, SKOS, W3C or WGS84. Resulting RDF triples are linked to the external datasets chosen by the institution (DBpedia, Europeana, LCSH, VIAF…) in a process called Linking, and URIs are generated and saved in the database. The last step in the workflow is the publication of the dataset through a SPARQL endpoint. Since the completion of the project, new opportunities have arisen that require the evolution of the initial approach of ALIADA to meet the current requirements of a more mature community of libraries facing the Linked Data challenge.